LiveSafe is a mobile safety platform that provides an additional layer of safety for our students, faculty, staff and visitors. Primarily this app was designed for students to increase their safety while on campus, and in some instances off campus.


LiveSafe allows the user to have an added layer of safety and security. Some of the features of this app are:
1.    SafeWalk
2.    Report Suspicious Persons/Activity
3.    Mental Health Assistance
4.    Graffiti Removal
5.    Bias Reporting
6.    Report Sexual Assault/ Harassment
7.    Bias Response Team

The SafeWalk feature allows the user to virtually walk with a friend to their destination. Further, this app allows the user to video record, audio record or take a photo of an occurrence that is suspicious or illegal simply through the app. In addition, if the user needs assistance with a mental health crisis or observes a crime, they can notify Campus Police, WWU Mental Health Services or Bellingham PD.

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