Police Accountability at Western

To the Campus Community:

I am writing this message as Chief of Police of the Western Washington University Department of Public Safety to clearly condemn the horrific murder of George Floyd by four Minneapolis police officers while in their custody. This callous action by the police shocks the conscience and runs contrary to everything I have spent the last 30 years seeking to uphold. I was trained to “do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason” and “to be fair to everyone." What I saw on the video of Mr. Floyd’s death was NOT the right thing. It was horrifically unjust, and I, like many fellow officers both here and around the nation, condemn it.

While this tragedy happened over 1,500 miles away from Western’s campus, the ripples directly affect us here as our Black students and colleagues feel the pain, grief, anger and fear of this moment. We stand in solidarity with our students, particularly those who are feeling fearful and vulnerable, and we are especially cognizant of protecting and supporting the safety of Black students and other historically marginalized people.

Racism is a community-wide problem. I am committed to working together with our African American community and with our local law enforcement partners to ensure that all members of our community feel safe, to change practices and policies that create inequity, and explore new approaches to our work in the Western Washington University community. Independent organizations such as the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) from whom we are currently seeking national accreditation status can help us move toward a more just and equitable model of public safety. Together we can end racist violence in our community. And we can begin by holding those who perpetrate it to account, no matter who they are.


Cliff Cook

Director, Public Safety

Emergency Services

360.650.3911 or 911
For police assistance in emergency situations and crimes that are in progress.

Non-Emergency Services

Non-Emergency Services 360.650.3555
360.650.3367 (f)

Anonymous Reporting
360.650.SAFE (7233)

Departmental Email

The Western Washington University Police Department is dedicated to the safety and security of our campus community. WWU Police works directly with Parking Services and the Lock Shop to ensure the safest and most accessible campus possible. We provide 24-hour service, for all your safety needs.

The Western Washington University Police Department is comprised of four areas of operation, who report to the Chief of Police:  UPD, Dispatch, Records/Administration, and Student Cadets/Greencoats.   The department employs 25 full-time classified employees and approximately 9 part-time student employees.

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