Public Records Request

Requesting Police Department Public Records

The Western Washington University Police Department (WWUPD), in accordance with the Washington State Public Records Act RCW 42.56 allows for the inspection or copies of records unless specifically exempted by law. 

How to Request a Public Record

There are three ways to request a public record

1. Complete an online request via the public records portal​​​​​

Visit GovQA to submit your request

2. Make your request by mail to the address

Western Washington University Police Department
ATTN: Public Records
2001 Bill McDonald Pkwy
Bellingham, WA  98225

3. Make your request by phone, fax, or email

Phone: 360-650-3579
Fax: 360-650-3367

Responding to a Public Records Request

Within 5 business days of receipt of the request, the WWUPD Public Records Officer or designee:

  • Will acknowledge the request and give a reasonable date for providing the records. This date may be extended as necessary to accommodate the collection and processing of the records.
  • May request clarification about the request where the request is unclear or does not sufficiently identify the requested records.
  • Will provide the requested records or deny the request and provide an explanation for the denial.
  • May request payment for records, if required.


As authorized by RCW 42.56.120, the following charges apply to public records requests:

Costs and Descriptions for Public Records Requests
Cost Description
No charge Inspection by the requester at the University campus
15 cents/page Photocopies of paper records or printed copies of electronic records (applies if requester asks for paper copies)
10 cents/page An electronic copy of scanned paper records (applies if paper copies must be scanned in order to produce electronic format)
5 cents for every four electronic files or attachments Files and attachments uploaded to e-mail or other means of electronic delivery (applies if records are already stored electronically and requester asks for such records to be provided via e-mail or a digital media storage device, such as a CD or thumb drive)
10 cents per gigabyte Cost for transmitting records in electronic formats, such as e-mail or a digital media storage device
Actual cost Digital storage media devices, such as a CD, DVD, or thumb drive
Actual cost Postage or delivery charges


Large Requests

For large requests, Western Washington University: 

  • may require a deposit of up to ten percent of estimated total cost prior to making copies;
  • may require advance payment before providing further installments; or
  • will not provide the next installment until payment is received for prior installment.