Public Records Request

About WWU's Public Records Requests

WWU PD Records is the custodian for all reports, documents, and public records generated by WWU PD, and is responsible for the entry of data into local, state, and national crime databases.

To comply with law enforcement grant requests, WWU PD Records gathers statistics and generates reports to the Department of Education and other government agencies. Information and statistics are also reported to the FBI and Washington State Patrol in order to ensure the highest level of public safety.

Requesting Public Records

Requests for copies of reports can be made in person, by phone (360-650-3579), by fax (360-650-3367), or by mail. The address for mailed requests is: WWU PD, Records Office, 2001 Bill McDonald Parkway, Bellingham, WA 98225.

We encourage you to use the WWU UPD Request for Public Records form: download, complete, and mail to the address listed above. Pursuant to the Washington Public Records Act, reports are subject to review in order to protect individual privacy. Hard copies of reports are free if under 30 pages; if over 30 pages, a 15 cent per page fee is required, as well as any postage necessary.