Lockouts and Admits

Lockouts and Admit

The Communication Center or “dispatch”, takes many different types of calls for people locked out or needing access to areas. They then work in conjunction with a Public Safety Assistant or Police Officer to accommodate those needs. There are different types of services and each has different procedures. All types of admits require prior authorization and picture identification, to gain entry to an area.

Residential Admit

This is when a student has locked themselves out of their residence. This type of admit is only authorized when the dormitory front desk is closed.

You can also call the residential lockout number 360-650-6333 24/7 to be routed appropriately.

Academic Admit

This is when a person has become locked out or does not have keys to an area of campus, which is not a residence. The Communication Center takes these calls at all hours of the day. Authorization will either be in the form of university assigned work area or on an access list.

In and out Admit

This is when a person has locked their belongings in an area, and need to retrieve them. To gain entry the person must first show why they were in the area and describe what items were locked inside. Proof of ownership maybe required as well. Once authorization has been established, the person is allowed to make entry and remove only the stated items they were allowed entry to obtain.