Key Pickup and Checkout

Key pickup and checkout

Since the Communication Center or “dispatch” is open 24/7, they are responsible for checking out and receiving, keys or access devices. However, the Communication Center does not coordinate who get keys or access.

There are two ways a key can be issued:

Departments will routinely assign a key to employees or student, who may need access outside the normal building hours. In this case a department supervisor will make the request to the lock shop. The lock shop will then make the key and place it in the Communication Center for pick up, by the employee or student.

When there are routine changes in who may need access to an area, keys are made and placed in the Communication Center for checkout. The department supervisor will then place the employee or student on a list of approved people who may check out the key for temporary use.


Only the person named on the request or access list may check out the key. The person checking out the key will be required to provide picture identification, before the key is provided. Keys that are checked out are not be held more than the actual time you are in the designated area or taken off campus.

The Communication Center also takes keys in that are no longer needed or have been found.